Lap Band steam release

by Kathy
(Valley Mills ,Texas)

I was banded in July 2008 and have had great success with the Lap-Band as I have to date lost 51 lbs. It has been considerably easier than trying to lose weight without the band but it has also been challenging.

I spent today in the hospital with my cousin who was having her band removed. She was banded in Dec 2007 and lost 100 lbs. Two months ago her physician prescribed some very strong antibiotics for a staff infection that she had on her face. Since that time she has been sick, vomiting several times a day and has had 2 hospital stays since she is unable to keep any thing down.

I have really been wondering today if I made the right decision with having the banding. It has really raised alot of questions that I didn't think to ask prior to banding.

When sick should I see my surgeon or should I see my family physician that may not have any experience with the Lap-Band? Should I question any prescriptions written for me or should I run them by my surgeon prior to taking them?

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Lap-Band day by day
by: Suzette

Just take it day by day and remember it's totally normal to have fluctuating emotions about your band. When you have a rough day, a good one is probably only 24 hours away :)

Lap-Band steam release
by: Kathy

Thank you so much for the encouragement, I am much better today and know I have made the right life changing decision by having the banding. It's just a very different mind set to learn to take care of myself when for so many years I have just let myself go and took care of everyone else except myself. It's something that I have got to learn to do just like living with my band. Thanks for the kind words.

Some Good Lap-Band Questions!
by: Suzette Kroll-Barancik, RD

Congrats on your weight loss to date!
You raise some very good questions. Maybe you should schedule a visit with your lap-band surgeon to ask these things. (?)

When you're sick and persistently vomiting, you should have all the fluid removed from the gastric band. And it's never a bad idea to be your own advocate! Ask lots of questions and do your own research if you question something that's been recommended to you.

I hope you'll keep blogging daily with us...releasing steam, sharing your successes, etc.!

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