Deciding Among
Gastric Lap-Band Surgeons

Gastric Lap-Band Surgeons... many to pick from!

How do you choose?!

Ask the Right Questions

Interview, interview, interview. Remember, YOU are doing the hiring here. You're entrusting your life to a someone!

You need to be confident in your lap-band surgeon's ability, comfortable with his bedside manner, and certain that you'll be provided the ongoing support and the resources you need in order to be successful.

You don't want be (or feel like) a "number," as a result of a gastric band surgeon who's interested only in getting your money, performing the surgery, and moving on to the next person.

Here are a list of questions to ask the gastric band surgeons you're interviewing:

Ask About Experience and Qualifications

  • How long have you been a bariatric surgeon?
  • Are you board certified?
  • What types of bariatric surgeries do you perform?
  • Is gastric banding the only bariatric procedure you perform?
  • How many gastric band surgeries have you done?
  • How many gastric band surgeries are you currently doing (number per month)?
  • Have you been trained as a Lap-Band System surgeon and/or do you have experience specifically with the Realize Band?
  • Are the majority of your procedures performed laparoscopically or open?
  • What percentage of your procedures are planned laparoscopically but then have to be converted to an open surgery?
  • Does your Bariatric program include a facility, supplies and equipment specific to the needs of weight-loss surgery patients (example: large gown, bed, etc.)
  • Do you use an assistant in surgery? If so, why?
  • Will I be able to meet your surgery assistant?
  • Can you connect me with other patients I can talk to about their experiences (both positive and negative)?

Ask about Results

  • What is your mortality rate? Is it higher or lower than the national average?
  • What is your rate of complications? Is it higher or lower than the national average?
  • What types of complications have your patients experienced?
  • How many gastric bands have you had to remove? Why were they removed?
  • What is the typical amount of weight your patients lose?
  • What improvement in health conditions do your patients experience?

Ask About The Support You'll Receive

  • Will you work with me to get my insurance to cover the procedure or can you provide me the name of an insurance expert who can help me?
  • If my insurance denies me, do you offer a financing plan?
  • Will you manage my gastric lap-band fills yourself or a will a nurse practitioner?
  • Does your program have a support group that I can attend regularly?
  • If I need to talk to you, how long should I expect to wait for return phone calls?
  • Can you connect me with other patients I can talk to about their experiences with the support staff? (It's good to know if it's going to take 2 calls and 5 working days to get a return phone call and to be told the first messages you leave are never received. This happens!)

Ask about your Gastric Lap-Band Surgeon's Commitment to Your Success

  • How often do you see your patients after their gastric banding surgery?
  • What do you expect from ME?
  • Do you have a comprehensive support program that includes the services of a:
    • Registered Dietitian
    • Psychologist
    • Exercise Specialist

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One of the fastest growing bariatric (weight loss) surgeries is gastric banding. Gastric lap-band surgeons are springing up everywhere as a result...even in Mexico! Take your time and interview multiple bariatric surgeons before making your final decision.

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