Lap Band Surgery in Two Weeks!

Ok, I finally got my surgery date... two weeks from today and I have all these emotions going through my head, one of which is a strange almost mourning feeling. Has any one else felt the same?

I am very excited to do this and to no longer be trapped by my body, but the only me I've known for almost my whole life will be leaving. I guess I need to focus on the new me who's coming right? Change is good and change is scary too!

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I am 1 week and 3 days post op. NEW
by: Anonymous

I keep reading a lot of people saying lap band is like a tool. What do u mean by that? And just wanted to say I love my lap band. You will feel a little discomfort after surgery and think this will never go away. But trust me it will go away and you will feel so much better!! I love the way I feel everyday. I feel energized and just great. I guess cause I'm not taking in all those carbs I use to. So far starting from my pre op I have lost 25lbs.. Yay

Like You
by: Anonymous


I am scheduled for my surgery on December 14, 2010. I am very much like you. I have mixed feelings. My first hurdle is approaching quickly as I have to go onto a liquid diet for two weeks. Then next I am concerned with the amount of pain I will have after surgery. So if you have already had your surgery please tell me about your experiences. I have also had horror dreams and pleasure dreams about lapband.

Death of food
by: Shauna

I know what you mean about feeling a mourning feeling. When I realized I would be able to eat all the food I love I had a little break down. Today is day 6 for me and every day it gets better. I promise. Stay strong and Love the process

by: Tom

Good luck with your surgery.

The band can change your life... treat it as a tool... work with it... take it day by day.

Tom, Toronto
Banded July 6 06
Total loss: 140 lbs

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