Lapband Complications

by Elizabeth
(Dallas, Tx, USA)

Having Lap Band Issues

I had the lap band procedure in Jan 08. I have lost over 100 pounds.

I have had to have the port replaced once already because due to the location of the port it started sticking out like a huge golf ball on my stomach. The port was replaced with a smaller one, and my doctor put this port between the layer of fascia and the muscle (?...I hope I am saying this correctly.)

Anyway, it appears on my stomach that the skin is pulling around the location of the port and looks almost deformed. I didn't want my surgery for the public to know but it is obvious.

I have a lot of discomfort when eating certain foods. I can't eat bread at all and a lot of stuff doesn't digest at all. I find that I am throwing up my food pretty much after eating because I have such a bad pain in my chest it is just unbearable.

I haven't had a fill in over a year now but I am wondering if I got some fill removed if that would help. I am pretty much miserable!

In the middle of the night, I sometimes find myself choking. I admit I get up in the night and will have a cookie or drink but it is when I lay back down and fall asleep then it comes back up. The scary thing is that I am asleep and I am afraid I am going to choke to death. It is a weird slimy substance that comes up.

Any suggestions?
Thanks so much,


First off, thanks for sharing your story. It's a good reminder of the complications that are possible.

It might be useful to go back and re-connect to the basics of lap band eating. One of the "golden rules" is that you need to chew food thoroughly.

Having to vomit after almost every time you eat is a good indication that large pieces of food are trying to pass your band. I encourage you to get some baby utensils so you're forced to take a small bite and then practice chewing each small bite 25-30 times.

The law of gravity is probably working against you when you find the food you snacked on in the middle of the night coming back up on you. (That slimy stuff you're describing is often referred to as lap band slime.)

It's probably not a good idea to eat if you wake up in the middle of the night. Try keeping a journal by your bed and start journaling when you wake up vs. eating.

Congrats on your weight loss success to date. You can get through this!

If you try modifying the size of your bites and make an effort to chew food more thoroughly, and you continue to have problems, you may want to visit your doctor to talk about a little "un-fill."

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Lap Band Slimy Stuff
by: Jenn banded 12-02-09

I have also noticed that when I eat something too large or don't chew it enough that I also get this "slimy stuff".

When I asked my Dr. about it, he said it was a thick mucous that is created by your body to help the large piece of food to go down.

Sometimes your body will make so much it makes you sick and you must throw it up.

Lap band slime is a sign that you are eating too large of a bite at a time and your body is making this to help it pass the band.

Hope this helps!

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