Lap-Band Liz from Chicago

by Liz
(Chicago )

My weight loss surgery journey has begun. After fighting with the insurance company for over a year, I ended up appealing their denial and was approved in 12 days and scheduled my surgery date as quickly afterward as I could.

I had gastric lap-band weight loss surgery on the 13th of April, 2009 and it went beautifully. I was put in ICU after surgery because of sleep apnea problems. When waking up the next morning I felt fabulous...yes, a bit sore, but excited about my new life ahead of me.

I tolerated clear liquids for the first two days and had included clear protein drinks. I then moved onto protein drinks and continued my breathing exercises and began to add a little more to daily walking.

I was unsure if I was allowed lowfat cottage cheese or refried beans but tried them after 6 on the 6th day and another on the 7th. I am not sure if this is too soon or not but I was having difficulty with excess air (burping) as I cannot seem to sip without gulping air at the same time. The walking helps this tremendously but I think I will go back to just protein drinks and water or tea or chicken broth for a while longer.

I start work again tomorrow (exactly 1 week after my surgery) as I have stopped taking the pain killers, except at night, since the 3rd day. It was time and I seem to be handling it well.

I am concerned about my brassier pressing on the main incision as it is in the crease just below (between) my breasts and I don't want to irritate it as it is a bit sore still.

Wish me luck! I will keep you in touch.

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Well, i would like to say that i am doing work for lap band .I think it will change you life style soon.I am sure that now you are feeling so good then before.i hope that you will happy after to see the result of your lap band.Thanks

chicago lap band physician
by: Anonymous

I got a lap band surgery 3 months ago. my weight during the time of surgery was 350 pounds. i have lost 20 pounds in 3 months.
I wish you luck for your future.
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New in this blog
by: Golden Lover

Girls, I am new blogging. Today is my first day. My surgery will be this coming Tuesday and you have no idea how much helped me reading your blog. Wish me luck!!

Lap-Band setback
by: Suzette

Well I'm glad it's nothing serious.
I like your attitude! This may have slowed you down, but it won't stop you!!
You can still lose without the lap-band fill.
Focus on eating the foods that fill you up (especially solid proteins)to most effectively manage your hunger and help control your calorie intake.
YAY to 1 pound!

Minor setback
by: Liz from Chicago

Well, I have hit a very minor setback but it will only slow down my progress a bit. I went to lift a lawn chair the other day and the site where the port is started seeping and wouldn't stop for 3 days. I finally went to see my surgeon and found I have an opening that was filling with fluid. Appatrntly I won't be able to get my first fill until this is healed. The doctor was not too concerned and gave me some tools to clear it up and will see me in a week. That;s okay. I will continue to lose slowly until then. I lost another pound. Yeah!

Yahooo and Yippeee for you!
by: Suzette

I'm thrilled for you Liz! YAY!

I'm guessing your doctor wants you to "register your band" on a website (Lap-Band or Realize Band) so that you have access to resources and tools to monitor progress.

by: Liz from Chicago

Hi Suzette,
I lost 27 LBS. in 16 days. How fun is that. I never took a before picture, but I am sure I can find one.
I do have a question. When I left the hospital they handed me so much papework and on one of the sheets it said to register my lap band. Is that something that is necessary?

by: Liz from Chicago

Okay, I just went to see my surgeon for the first time and I have lost 27 lbs. in 16 days. I's most likely a lot of water weight, but I am still SO excited. It just keeps pushing me forward. Everything is pretty close to healed and I am getting back into a normal lifestyle. Tried walking further than normal and my back caused me problems, so I need to slow back down to what a was for a while longer. I can feel my clothes getting loose, you can see more definition in my face. This is wonderful!
Yippeeee for me!

People beginning to notice a thinner you
by: Suzette

YAY! It's so great to hear you're starting to get positive feedback on your progress. That's so wonderful! (Send me your before picture and an "in progress" picture and I'll post it in the Results Gallery. Of course, you can also send your "after" picture when you've lost all the weight you want to lose.)

If your stomach is truly growling, it's OK to eat. (Just make sure you make a good choice and stop after that little amount fills you up.) No need to starve yourself!

Make a written list of the questions you want to ask your doctor so you don't forget anything! It's easy for that to happen....

by: Liz from Chicago

Hi Suzette,
I have just progressed to soft foods and am doing quite well with it. I have a double protein shake every morning and that is what was about 12=14 oz's but keeps me full. I have been filling up on healthy cream soups and grinding down chicken, I am filling up more.
I DO follow up for the first time with my surgeon tomorrow and I have some questions for him.
I feel like I am progressing faster than I should be. My stomach growls all the time, but I fill up much quicker with so much less food than I used to consume. Interestingly, people are beginning to notice my face looking thinner. Yippee!

Thanks so much for the response. I really appreciate your help. This site is fabulous.

Eating 14-20 oz. with Lap-Band
by: Suzette

Have you progressed to pureed foods yet? If so, I'd suggest eating more pureed food vs. liquids to help fill you up. Liquids slip past the band very easily and you'll always be able to drink more than you can eat.

Remember too, that protein fills you up. A high protein shake will keep your stomach from growling more than water, diet, or a decaf, non-carbonated beverage will.

It's never a bad idea to touch base with your surgeon to help calm your fears either!

Doing better
by: Liz from Chicago

Thanks so much for asking. I am doing well. It hurts a bit while at work as I feel I am pulling on the incisions while sitting at my desk and I get tired a little easier than before, but it's getting better. I tried to send you a thank you about contacting me on my e-mail and fixing it. I appreciate it.
I do have a question for you though. I have no problen eating 14-20 oz. of liquids at a sitting and my stomach is growling all the time. Is this normal or should I call my doctor? I have a fear that this slipped or that something is wrong. I see my surgeon next week but should I call before that and is this normal? Everything I read said I should only be able to consume 8 oz.
I am a bit nervous about this.

Back to Work with Lap-Band
by: Suzette

Hi Liz,
Just checking in to see how you're doing with your lap-band now that you're back to work!

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