Lynn's LapBandJourney

by Lynn

I was banded 7-21-08. I have lost 55 pounds and have reached the goal that I originally set for myself, but my BMI is still not where it should be for the best health. It is at 26.6. I want to get to 25 or a little below.

My problem is that I have gotten off track since about October and don't know how to get back on the "band" wagon. For one thing, I need a fill. I am going to get that done on Tuesday for starters.

Those habits that I really thought were changed are so easy to fall back in to even after two and a half years.

There are only a couple of people that know I have the band. I just did not want all the hassle that I saw my co-worker go through. Everyone knew that she was getting the band. She didn't exactly follow the rules and people were always asking her "Are you supposed to be eating that?".

She lost almost 90 pounds,but has gained about 30 back, but she is okay with it all.

Has anyone out there tried to do this alone? I sometimes think that is part of my problem. Then how do you tell people after it's been so long? I am really a very private person and don't like the focus being on me.

People notice that I have lost a lot of weight and ask me what I am doing. I just say that I just don't eat as much as I use to. I feel like I am not being honest and that bothers me, but my weight has always been such a personal issue with me I also don't feel like I owe anyone an explanation.

Well, that's all I know for now, but I am open for advice.

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Personal NEW
by: Anonymous

I have not told anyone except my immediate family (parents, husband, kids) that I had the band. I dont want to be "WATCHED" by everyone else as I am trying to loose the weight. I had my band 7/9/13 and so far have lost 70lbs. Would like to loose about 70 more... but it is work and I will succeed!

by: Anonymous

I began my Lap-Band efforts because I am 65 years old, diabetic II with high cholesterol, triglycerides, and blood pressure. The whole metabolic syndrom was up in my face. After years of yo you dieting the past had caught up and the enemy was at hand. It has been 2 1/2 months since my surgery and I am off almost all my medications, lost 40 lbs, no longer on meds for diabetes, and my eyesight actually improved by two lens degrees!! My purpose was not cosmetic but to be healthier. Anytime you share with others, no matter how little, you inspire others to be mindful of their health and ways to reduce weight. Lap-Band or none, all of us need inspiration and sharing with others affirms your resolution. Say it and live it!! Having surgery for a medical condition is nothing to be ashamed of but something to be proud of undertaking. It's a difficult road no matter how you do it. The preparation and diligence to succeed at this program is and will remain a lifetime journey. You will need all the inspiration you can muster and encouraging others is a great path to take. Good luck and God bless.

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