Mo Jacobs

by Mo Jacobs

I am scheduled to have Lap-band procedure in 2 weeks. I have started replacing at least one meal a day with a protein shake. I am excited but a little intimidated at the same time.

I am an emotional eater, so I am trying to focus on ways I will be able to change my habits to do other things than eat when stressed. I have been waiting for the surgery for more than a year and half and after my Mom had stroke a year ago, I am more than determined to change my lifestyle and be a better example to my family, especially my kids.

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by: Mo

Well, surgery is scheduled for 8/27/10, just under a week. It's a little rough because every meal seems like my last. Starting Monday I will only have protein shakes and and 1 low carb meal
per day. Then Weds. it's just liquids. Really excited, can't wait.

rb 9/1/10
by: April

Hello Mo,

I am also replacing one protein shake for lunch @ this time. I have less than 2 weeks. Will be banded on 9/1/2010. I am very nervous but excited at the same time. I too am an emotional eater, but also if I see food I eat it. Really looking forward to my New Journey in life. I am actually having the realize band, which is not that much different from the LapBand. But I really love this site.

Best of Luck to You!!

Soon to be banded,

by: Mary Ellen

Good luck and way to go!

I got banded July 14 this year. Don't do what I did though.

The 2 weeks before, well, week and a half- I "toured" all the fast food and Outback type restaurants to have "last suppers". I put on 15 lbs!

If I could do that over again, I woulda had only 1 nice meal at Outback, not Burger King, Wendy's, Arby's and Mc Donalds. :(

Good luck to ya! :)

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