My New Life

by Golden Lover

Well, here I lap-band surgery has been scheduled for this coming Tuesday. Today is my second day of the -all clear liquid diet-. I am so excited that I haven't felt hungry at all.

Today is Mother's Day, and hopefully will be the last Mother's Day that I am going to be at this weight. I know it for sure...I am happy, even though, I know it won't be easy, but this is my last chance...and I'm going to make it....

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The new after 5 months
by: Golden Lover I am again..after 5 months!!! I lost already 70 pounds. I wear pants size 10...yes: 10!!! And 8 in dresses. I used to wear size 18. What else can I tell you! Sometimes is not so easy, specially when I get too much liquid and I need to go to the doctor the following day, but other than that I feel great! I exercise every day (I even run in the treadmill). I am very happy and don't regret for a second this change in my life. I am a very happy person and by the time I turn 50 (this December), I'll be looking great (and modest too, haha). Right now my weight is 166 and I want to reach 150. Not bad ahh?? My family is happy for me and now I get to wear tight jeans and my daughter gets into my closet to get shirts. Amazing!!!

Eating too Little
by: Suzette

I'd agree that you're not eating enough and that's probably why you feel so tired (vs. lack of vitamins)! I hope you've picked it up a little and are feeling better.

Not feeling too good!
by: Golden Lover

Well, I really think I am not eating enough, but I am not hungry at all! In the morning I have my protein shake, for lunch: a sugar free apple sauce, and for dinner either another apple sauce or a juice. I am in the office right now and I feel completely weak. I just called the Doctor and he will call me back. I ordered my vitamins and are not here yet, maybe that's why I feel so tired. I thought I was going to faint this morning...but even with all this, I am in good spirits, and not regretting this for a single second....*Ü*

A Great First 2 Weeks
by: Suzette

I'm so proud of you and excited for you!

I hope the diet is progressing along well too. Feel free to fill us in on what you've been eating and any of the feelings you've experienced these first weeks.

2nd week
by: Golden Lover

Went to the Doctor on Wednesday...4 more pounds! For a total of 17 pounds since surgery (2 weeks ago). I can't be happier!!!

A Great Start!
by: Suzette

Congrats on a fabulous first week! I'm SO excited for you and looking forward to hearing about your ongoing success.

Don't forget to refer to my protein shake recipes once you've progressed to the next diet stage.

(My absolute favorite protein powder right now is BSN Lean Dessert Protein Powder. I'm drinking a Cinnamon Roll shake as we "speak!")

Starting to count down...
by: Golden Lover

I just returned from my first appointment after the surgery (1 week ago).
I lost 13 lbs.!!!! The Doctor was very happy with me and you can imagine how happy I am today!!!
I still need to be in the clear liquid diet for 3 more days, and after that I can go for my protein shakes and other creamy foods. He'll see me again in 3 weeks for my first fill. *Ü*. I am very POSITIVE with this beginning...

Doing great!
by: Golden Lover

Thanks Liz!!
As I told you, I had my surgery last Tuesday (exactly a week ago). I feel great. Not hungry at all...I'll see my Doctor tomorrow..can't wait. Thanks for your words and your good wishes!
Golden Lover

Yippee for you!
by: Liz from Chicago

Hi Golden Lover! I am so excited for are about to begin what I began April 13th and I just wanted to wish you all the luck in the world. You will at times say, what did I do, but it will be the best thing in the world. I could never imagine what it would feel like when I was "full" but I have felt it now and know when to stop. It is amazing. Good luck and be strong. It will happen. Best wishes,

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