My new LIFE

by Lori
(Tucson, AZ)

Well... I am going to do it!! Dr Schwartz is my surgeon. I've met with him and the psychologist and am waiting for one of my Doctors to confirm I have been stable on my meds for at least 6 months and then I'll schedule my surgery.

I was looking through some web sites and it occurred to me I could get started on this journey right away. I don't have to wait for my 2 week preop time. I will start drinking protein shakes pretty soon.

It is recommended to not treat this time like my last hoorah with food, which I have been leaning towards, but instead I could be spending the time getting ready for the gastric banding surgery. I am sure this would make things a little easier once the choice to over indulge has been taken away.

By starting early when I am getting to the point where I usually would be giving up it will be time for the banding and that will help stave off that "I am going to eat everything I see" stage. That is what always ends it for me.

I have always felt if I could go to a "fat farm" for 2 months with no way to cheat and having a day full of exercise planned for me that I can't easily "run" from, I would lose weight and form new habits. I desperately need structure. Lap Band will now BE that structure. The "I have no choice" factor.

The more I think about it the more excited I get. I think about next spring going hiking and camping with my fiancee, buying clothes at "normal people's" stores and actually having a life!!!

Also, the more I think about it the more nervous I become. How hard is it going to be when I CAN NOT eat that whole pizza, entire bag of chips or huge chunk of cake?! But then, I find myself thinking of things I could do to help that.

Making sure I have alot of mini meals to choose from and stocking up on yogurt, fruit and veggies, go for a walk with the dog. And you know what??....I get excited again!!

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My new Life
by: Lori

Well, finally, the process is really getting going!! Due to work, etc I wont be able to do my 2 hour educational thingy til 8/14. That is four weeks from yesterday then I'll be able to schedule the actual surgery. Seems like forever from now but it has been forever to get things this far so I guess I can wait. In the meantime, I am enjoying protein shakes (not actual meal replacements)and discovering which mixtures I like, etc. Also, looking for and finding high protein meal replacements that I like so during that two week prior to surgery time I wont THEN be trying to find good tasting ones.
I am ssoooo excited!!!

It is exciting
by: Liz from Chicago

It IS exciting. Your journey is just beginning. I remember when I was at that point. I have found that the spirutein protein shakes are really good. Every morning I mix a scoop of banana and a scoop of chocolate and have a double protein shake.
You will not want to eat that whole pizza. After surgery you will not be able to consume much and you will automatically lose weight. I lost 27 lbs. in 2 weeks. Yahoo! But slowly, your ability to eat what you used to will come back until your first fill. From then on it is a learning curve of what you can and cannot eat and how slow you need to eat and how to chew everything REALLY well. The first few times the food comes back up on you will be all you need and you will stay away from those items. Incredibly you will "get that feeling in your chest" that you are full and you will be done. It is an amazing journey.
If you need any info, feel free to contact me.
Good Luck! You'll do great!

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