Nothing Going Down

by Evelyn
(Orlando, Florida)

Yesterday I ate a piece of beef and some spinach (around 2 bites). I felt like it went down thru my lapband and then to my stomach, but since that I haven't been able to eat anything at all.

I tried yogurt at night around 8pm and didn't go down.

Today I woke up with a sensation that I might have something stuck in my throat.

Stick with liquids (protein shakes, etc.) until you feel better and don't lay down 2-3 hours after a meal.

You may have had some swelling. However, if you don't start feeling better, or start feeling worse, call your doctor.

Beef is a food you need to chew really, really, really well if you have it. Spinach is kind of stringy and can sometimes cause a problem, so it's a food to take particularly small bites of and chew really well too.

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