Pain when eating

I had my first lap band fill six days ago.

The day of the fill and the following day that I was on clear liquids was no problem. The following two days I was on soft foods without any issues other than I felt like I didn't have a lot of restriction.

Then yesterday I got a piece of food stuck and after about a half an hour it worked it's way though. Last night and today I have pain with anything that isn't soft like applesauce or yogurt.

Will this subside or could I have caused damage to my band?

You probably didn't cause any damage. However, I'd suggest staying on soft foods for a couple of days. When you try solids again, don't forget to take a PEA size bite and chew 20-30 times!

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Pain after Lap Band Fill
by: Tom

Take very small bites after each fill for a couple of days... I don't think your band is damaged... give it a couple of days then check with your doctor.

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