Consider Consulting
a Personal Nutritionist

A personal nutritionist may be just what you need if:

  • you're feeling stuck
  • have started gaining some of your weight back
  • are unsure if you're getting all the nutrients you need
  • need some new menu ideas
  • are unsure of what supplements you should (or shouldn't) be taking
  • need accountability
  • need of a good swift kick in the bootie to get yourself motivated again

Even the best athletes need a coach! Think of a personal nutritionist as just that...

...your personal eating coach who will keep you accountable and help you become your best you.

I'd be happy to work with you as your personal nutritionist!

What to expect in a 1:1 nutrition counseling session

Whether your appointment is conducted over the phone (as I can do with you if you live outside the Tucson area), or live in person, expect to do a lot of talking in an initial session. In fact, I consider a good first meeting one in which my client talks more than I do!

Sure, I know you're anxious to get recommendations, but there's no way for me to give good ones without knowing all about YOU first.

You'll need to share information about your:

  • goals
  • medical history
  • food preferences
  • trigger foods
  • cooking ability/desire
  • lifestyle
  • what you usually eat
  • what you like to eat
  • what you're willing to eat

A good personal nutritionist doesn't use a cookie cutter, one-size-all approach so we have to get to know you. The better I know and understand how you live your life, the better my recommendations will be.

So, an initial nutrition counseling session (with me) lasts about 1 hour and involves lots of questions.

I then use the information in conjunction with your medical history, blood work (if available) and your personal goals to establish - with you - an appropriate plan. If we're working over the phone, I'll email you a copy of the plan we develop together.

How often should I talk to a personal nutritionist?

It depends! I have clients I see or talk to once a week, once every other week, once a month, only on occasion when a particular concern arises, or once in a lifetime.

I view each client as an individual with unique needs and I recommend the necessary number of sessions accordingly. But in the end it's up to you!

Where does my diet consult take place?

The only thing that's required for a consult is communication between you and your personal nutritionist!

If you don't live in or around Tucson, Arizona, USA, and if you're not planning to visit anytime soon (though you really should!), don't worry...

...I'm still here for you. We can talk through the computer (via Skype), or over the phone, and use phone or email for follow up contact.

My local clients like to see me in person. But clients who find me on this website can live worlds away! In that case, the telephone work just fine.

Here's how it works:

  1. Email me to let me know what you'd like help with.
  2. I'll email you back to set up a time and date that is mutually agreeable.
  3. You'll secure payment through pay pal to reserve your appointment.
  4. I'll call you on the planned date and time.
  5. We'll chat. You'll get the information, motivation, and inspiration you need to help keep you going. I'll email you any follow up materials that we discuss.
  6. We do it all over again (and again and again...) at another mutually agreed upon time and date until you reach your goals.

I look forward to talking to you and/or seeing you soon!

Your Personal Nutritionist, Suzette Kroll, RD

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