Pinto Beans

by Teresa Adkins
(Pikeville, KY)

I just had gastric banding on May 6, I'm 4 days post op. I am currently on stage 2 full liquid diet.

Someone told me I could eat the pinto bean juice, so I put 1/2 cup of beans w/juice in a food processor and pureed them, it was like a thick gravy. Well now my stomach is killing me. What did I do? and Why is this happening?


Beans are a gassy food to start with because of their fiber content.

Add to that the fact they contain an indigestible sugar (called oligosaccharide) that also causes gas.

Usually when you cook beans, you soak them once (or multiple times) and then throw out the water to reduce the amount of the indigestible sugar in them that causes gas. You should always drain and rinse can beans too.

I think you just had too much gas in your tiny little pouch and no way for it to escape easily!

I hope you're feeling better now.

In the future, drain and rinse canned beans and simply add water to them if you want to puree.

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