Possible to lose again?

by Chris

I had gastric lap band surgery 6 years ago. Lost 100 pounds. It took me 4 years.

I have had some stressful times in my life and I had to have the band adjusted several times in 2008 because I wasn't keeping even liquids down.

Now I have relapsed to my old habits. I am seeing a therapist to help me with emotional/stress eating.

Is it possible to re-lose the weight that I've gained? I have gained about 65 pounds back in a very short amount of time.

The band is now where it was before.

Thank you for any help.

YES! You CAN re-lose the weight you've gained back. It's never too late!!

It's not unusual to lapse back into old habits....especially emotional eating.

It sounds like you're taking control back by seeing a therapist. Kudos to you!!

Now is a good time to recommit to the "10 Commandments of Bariatric Eating."

I'd also strongly recommend keeping a food journal:

Gastric Lap Band Journal
Raisin Awareness

And attend support group meetings whenever possible!!

Two of my favorite sayings:

"Fall down 10 times, get up 11."

"There is never failure, only learning."

Thanks so much for sharing your story. It's a good reminder that the stomach band is simply a weight loss tool...not a weight loss guarantee and that emotional eating doesn't automatically or magically disappear after weight loss surgery.

Keep us updated!

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