Pre Bariatric Surgery Diet
What To Eat Before
Stomach Band Surgery

If your pre bariatric surgery diet doesn't include protein shakes... should!

There is increasing consensus among medical professionals that a high protein, low calorie diet before stomach band surgery can decrease the risk of complications and improve outcomes.

In fact, you'll probably be required to follow a high protein, low calorie diet for at least 2 weeks (and even for as long as 3 months) prior to your gastric band operation in order to get your body ready for surgery and make recovery easier.

Sound hard? Well, drinking protein shakes can make high protein low cal eating quite simple!

Pre Bariatric Surgery Diet: Full Meal Replacement

Many people like to take all the guesswork out of meal time and simply replace all meals and snacks with high protein meal replacement shakes as part of a pre-op LAP-BAND<span style='font-size: 50%'>® diet. This could mean drinking 5-6 shakes per day...

...and nothing else.

Pre Bariatric Surgery Diet: Partial Meal Replacement

But if chewing is important to you, you may not love the notion of a full meal replacement diet. Replacing 2 meals per day with high protein bariatric shakes and eating 1 regular balanced meal may have more appeal.

Either approach is fine, but neither is ok too.

That's because there are two other options:

  • Shopping, cooking, and preparing your own high protein, low calorie diet
  • Purchasing pre-prepared bariatric diet kits that include all of your high protein meals and shakes, grocery lists, and even phone and email support for 1, 2, 4, 8, or 12 weeks before surgery.

Read more on these pre bariatric surgery diet alternatives.

Pre Gastric Banding Surgery Diet: TRY Protein Shakes

At a minimum, you should at least experiment with various protein powders and protein shake recipes before your gastric band operation, because shakes are certainly are going to be part of your post-op gastric LAP-BAND® diet.

In the first week(s) after surgery you'll only be able to take in liquids, but you'll still need your protein. (Read more about the diet progression after weight loss surgery.) Protein shakes to the rescue!

You'll have plenty to think about after your bariatric surgery, so take care of finding high protein bariatric shakes that you enjoy NOW. That way you'll have one less thing to worry about after you have your belly band.

Do your protein shake research before your gastric band surgery to make sure you find brand(s), flavor(s), and recipe(s) that you LOVE.

Read more on choosing bariatric protein shakes. See my special protein shake recipes.

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