Pre-op nutrition five days before Realize Band

by Glenda Allison
(Tulsa OK, USA)

I need to know what the diet restrictions are for the five days or so before the Realize Band Surgery. I know there are special instructions but wonder what they are.

Avoid "last hurrah" eating in the days before weight loss surgery.

While it may be tempting, it can lead to an enlarged liver, which then makes it harder for your surgeon to place the gastric band.

As far as the specifics of what to eat in the days leading up to surgery...

...every surgery practice has their own guidelines.

Typically, patients follow a low calorie, high protein diet for at least 2 weeks (and for as long as 3 months) prior to gastric banding surgery in order to get the body ready for surgery and make recovery easier.

Read more about pre-surgery diet and pre-surgery protein shakes.

Your surgeon may or may not require this of you. Be sure to follow the advice of your particular surgeon!

Good luck with your surgery and keep us updated on your progress!

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