Pre-Surgery Soup Question

by Susan B
(Belfry, KY)

My dietician said for my two week pre op liquid diet to eat broth or thin soups. What exactly is a thin soup?

I imagine she's suggesting soups like tomato, butternut squash, etc., that don't have big chunks of vegetables and meats in them. For what reason, I'm not exactly sure though!

The goal of the pre-op diet is to keep calories down and protein up. There isn't a need to keep the consistnecy of food thin, unless she's just trying to get you ready for what will come after surgery.

(However, some programs will have you drink protein shakes ONLY for a couple of weeks pre-surgery to take the guesswork out of what to eat.)

See more on the pre-op diet here.

Note: Try sprinkling unflavored protein powder in soup, or stir in plain nonfat greek yogurt or pureed tofu to make the soup higher in protein!

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