Problems After First Lap-Band Fill

by Ronnetta
(Independence, MO)

I have a harder time eating food now that I have had my first fill than I did before I had my fill. I experience pain in my mid section, under my left breast and in my left shoulder. I do not know what is causing it. I hurt if I have eaten or not. When my stomach growls it hurts.

Is any of this ok? Or is it just my body adjusting to my first fill? How much food should I be eating or should I stay on soft foods? I'm just wondering what I should do here.

If you're experiencing constant pain (regardless of whether you've eaten or not), contact your surgeon!

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Been there
by: Anonymous


Great question! This has also happened to me before. It may mean the band is just a little too tight and needs to be loosened a little (not too much).

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