Questionable Small Portions After Lap-Band

by Diane
(Hamden CT USA)

Is this normal?

I am almost 3 weeks post lap band surgery and have lost 20 pounds.

I started on pureed foods this week. The eating plan call for 3 or 4 meals of no more than one quarter cup each (I do 4). I eat mostly low-fat cottage cheese or fat free ricotta and have an egg once per day.

I am still hungry some of the time and this just does not seem like enough food to live on.

I am not scheduled for my first fill until about one month from now.I would love to eat some veggies but the protein I need takes up all of my allotted food. I am drinking plenty of fluids. Is this normal? Also, How can I manage to include fruit and vegetables in my diet? Is V-8 Juice OK to drink?

I don't personally agree with the recommendation to eat only 3 or 4 meals per day. I'm not sure where it comes from, but it's nearly impossible to get all your nutrition in that way.

It's possible to eat 6 times per day and still lose weight, and adding a couple more small balanced meals will help you to not feel hungry, and help you fit in some fruits and veggies.

V8 juice is ok to drink. Choose low sodium V8, and drink it between meals...not with meals.

You can easily encorporate fruits and veggies with your protein smoothies.

While you're still in the mushy stage, you can add some applesauce or baby food fruit (or vegetables) to the cottage cheese or ricotta cheese.

See a recipe for a pumpkin smoothie (it includes butternut squash and mango too) here (scroll toward the bottom of the page).

Review the Lap-Band Pyramid here and see the sample menu for an idea of how to fit it all in!

Keep us updated!

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