Robin's Thoughts on the Lap Band

by Robin C.
(Houston, TX)

Suzette: Your Lap Band Pyramid and diet makes SENSE! I have been fat all of my life, but the times that I have had the greatest success in losing weight have been when I have used an Exchange program. I made up a food diary based on the Lap Band Food Pyramid, and I will be keeping this to help me stay on track.

I was banded a year ago but have not lost weight for all of the usual reasons. I got a fill yesterday, and when I saw how much I weighed, I thought, "this is crazy - I laid down on that operating table and had SURGERY to get this, and I am not making any progress." And it is my fault, it is about the choices I make.

I do wish that the center where I had my band done had more support and clear-cut instructions, instead of "no bread, no rice, no pasta, and only eat 1/2 cup of food." I live in Texas so coming to see you is not possible. But thank you for creating this website.

I will be returning here for tips and support.

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by: Anonymous

I live in Texas also...I do not have any support with the doctor who did my lap band. Would you please share your ideas on how you plan to stay on track.

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