Sandra after Adjustable Gastric Lap Band

by Sandra
(Peoria, IL, USA)

Sandra After Surgery

I had my lap band surgery done on October 9th at Mercy Hospital in Chicago,IL.

After the first two weeks of pain things started looking up. Now I have only a small amount of pain when I bend certain ways but not too often.

So far I have not been sick to my stomach or had pain from eating :)

To date I have lost only 12 lbs. I really wish I could say that it was more or that it has been easy.

But as my mom always told me that nothing easy is ever worth doing. I guess this would fit. For now I will just keep working and hoping that things get better once I get my first fill.

I would love not be hungry after eating what I should. Please tell me this gets better!!!

I hate to think that I did all this for nothing.

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by: Sandra

Thanks for the encouragement and for the link! I had no idea how much I should be losing or how quickly. This really helps!

So, far the diet hasn't been bad. I'm seeing the benefits in many ways. My weight is slowly dropping (but steadily) and I have more energy to do things. Plus my family is getting in better health also.

Great Pace
by: Suzette


You're doing great!! Avg. weight loss is only 1-2 pounds per week and you've averaged slightly more than that.

More on rate of lap band weight loss.

Weight loss IS a journey (as Liz advised)...NOT a destination. Take your time and make permanent changes in the way you eat so that you never gain it back again!

Give it time
by: Liz

You only had the surgery less than a month ago. The average loss is about 10 lbs a month and you are over that. I think they say the avg. loss is about 10 lbs. a month. It is not lightening fast but it is slow and safe. Consider this a journey in which you learn how to eat better, slower and less than you have in the past to get to a healthy weight.
I had surgery in April and I am down over 60 lbs. Believe me, I did it fast before and it almost killed me and I gained it all back and more because I was so sick.
Patience. Tell your mom that you know that anything worthwhile is worth waiting for.
Good Luck Sandra,...and just wait until you get your first fill.

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