Sara's Journey

by Sara
(Tucson, AZ)

Hi, my name is Sara. I am 35 and have been overweight since I was 9 years old.

I have long been aware of the fact that I overeat and even most of why I overeat, but have never been able to get a grip on it.

My weight is climbing and I am officially now unhealthy. I want to be able to walk and breathe again. I don't want my joints to hurt. I want to stop avoiding going out because I have nothing that fits, and oh so many more reasons I want to take the weight off.

I am scheduled for surgery for the lap-band on 1/27/10. I am very excited, not scared except that I may not be able to go back to work the following Monday as planned.

I am doing the pre-op diet as ordered and already seeing some weight come off. I am having headaches and yesterday was very hungry despite the protein shakes, but sticking with it despite these.

I will try to maintain this blog just to document my own progress, and hopefully I will look back on this one day and see how much progress I have made! Wish me luck!

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Aleah NEW
by: Aleah

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by: Anonymous

Sara you will not regret the surgery. It will change your life forever. Keep us posted on how you do.


by: Liz M

This is such an exciting time for you. You will not regret it a bit.

I got headaches too but it was because I was cutting out caffeine, not because of the diet.

You are making a great decision and the journey is a wonderful one.

Good Luck...I will be thinking of you and remember, there are lots of us out there on the same journey and we all need to be here for each other. You will do beautifully. You will be amazed at how quickly you will be able to breathe, move, etc. better.

Be careful going back to work early...I did that and opened my surgical site and got an infection which meant they couldn't fill me until the infection was gone and the opening was closing...which was late July after an early April surgery.

Take care of're the only one you got!

Rooting for you also!!!
by: BettyBoo1017


You will have no regrets after your surgery. Your life will change for the best. Your self esteem will increase. Please remember this- your TRUE friends will support you all the way. Please keep us posted.


Good Luck!
by: Suzette Kroll, RD

I'm rooting for you and am here to help you succeed.
Looking forward to reading your blog and watching your progress!

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