Should I be Nervous?

by Susan
(Atlanta, GA)

I am scheduled for lap band surgery June 2 (I'm getting really anxious) and was only told to drink clear liquids the day before. I have not been drinking shakes for weeks like I have been reading about and now I'm really concerned.

I also haven't heard much about how painful the recovery is. I'm starting to really get nervous.....but I am also so ready to start living my life.

I am 45, diabetic and weigh 264 lb. I am afraid to allow myself to think this may be successful.....I have conquered so many things in my life- with the exception of my weight problem.

So even though I rambled a bit (maybe I should try this Blog thing) my questions are :

  • How much pain should I expect?

  • Should I start drinking shakes now and what kind?

  • When should/can I start walking?

It's difficult to answer your question about pain, because everyone's experience is different! There are many cases when surgery is performed on a Thursday or Friday and a person goes back to work on Monday! I hope this is the case for you.

Every surgery practice has their own pre-surgery guidelines, and there are many who don't require you to drink shakes in the weeks before surgery. Simply follow the directions you were given by your bariatric center.

You should be able to start walking right away. You'll have a slight restriction on how much weight you can lift for a couple of weeks so that you don't pull the port out of place. Walking, however, won't cause any harm to your lapband!

Good luck and keep us updated!

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