Simply Me.....

by Sherri
(Montpelier, ID)

My name is Sherri... I have been a bander since Feb 2007. I have lost 70 pounds and have 40 more to go still. I have had struggles but feel very strongly that I was the "educating" patient. A year and a half ago- the hospital I work at started offering the procedure!! I am the office coordinator- teach seminars and support groups and with my struggles have taught the Dr many new things! =)

I recently had my band emptied. It has been too tight for a while but my port was flipped but with more experience we figured out it is actually on its side and the dr was able to access it and get it emptied. So now I worry of course about weight gain but I am doing well so far. I think I will actually lose because even empty- I think it is right where it needs to be! I am not really hungry most of the time.

I need some extra love and support and encouragement. I have hard time going to support group and asking for it there when I am trying to help everyone else and many of the support group patients are new. Some don't quite know the difference yet between empty and properly filled.

Anyway- found this site. Thought I would blog and see what comes of it. I do have another blog here. It is more about the emotional mental side of things... goals I made for myself and reached or didn't reach.

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Good post NEW
by: Arno Eichmann MD

Hello! Your site is awesome!
May I share your article on my site and link at you as an author?

Thanks for answering!

by: simply me

I am still struggling! Thanks for the note Sherri!! Very nice to meet you! Not many people spell Sherri the right way like we do! =)

I have put on some weight. sadly I sit here in the jeans that I like to wear when I want to be in baggy clothing and they are not so baggy. I could barely button the darn things! I am a little bummed but have a plan!

I have set some goals for myself and do not want to let myself down. and if I announce the goals then I feel like I will let others down as well if I don't meet them.

So my goal is to lose 30 pounds by time I take a trip back to my home town. I will be doing a stair climbing event where there are 2340 steps. Now before anyone thinks that is a lot of steps... let me point out that the biggest loser this past week was way harsher than that. They climbed 198 steps then came down 198 steps until they did almost 4000 stairs!! and I am trying to do a quarter of them at a time! I need to step it up! and that is what I plan to do! I have a class pass to the gym so will be going to as many work out classes as I can- using the treadmill when I can and climbing stairs as much as possible!

I need to get the crap food out of my life and learn once again to eat those in moderation. a treat if you will instead of a meal.

Come On banders! We can do this. We have come so far! Let's make this tool do it's job while doing our part!

Emotional boredom and stress eating be gone! Let's find an alternative- go for a walk- exercise, scrapbook, crochet or other crafting things to keep the hands busy. chew gum. hey- have sex. it is a good emotional release to a stressful day. Of course hard if your partner is the cause of the stress! =)

We can do this! let's stick together! let us win out over the holidays! I want to lose at LEAST 5 pounds by christmas and keep it off through christmas and new years!

feel free to visit my other blog where I have more stuff as well. I am trying to learn this site to blog better here but not so good at it.

Hang in there! We are Banded Together and we can make it happen!!

by: Anonymous

Hi, First I would like to compliment you on your name and introduce myself. I too am Sherri.
I was banded in 2006 and went well for the most until this year. My life took a more sedentry and isolated turn and my problems began. I am a typical bander in that I have the manditory hiatus hernia. reflux, sleep deprevation etc.....I just had more fluid taken out and am making some improvements. My success is there having dropped from 150kg down to 85kg for a while but am now back up to 100kg. Ho humm!!!
Anyway enjoyed your post and got a giggle in finding a name sack with similar issues.
P S : Sorry about the kilos measure (I am an Australian)

Cheers Sherri

Right there with you
by: Ginger

I can totally relate to how you feel. I had my surgery about 2 years ago, lost 60 lbs, but now haven't lost for the past year. Too much going on in my life, work, education, children, too much to go into.
I have issues with eathing the right foods, just eating too much. I am not getting filled up because I take to large of a bite, then it gets stuck and I have to drink something to force the food down. So now I am trying to concentrate on smaller bites, and eating slower and enjoying what I am eating!
I am also starting a food journal to see exactly what I eat, when and how much.
If you have any tips that have worked for you, please share.

Emotional Eating
by: Anonymous

Hi Anonymous...
I am also an emotional eater. I teach my patients to start a food journal before they even get going- and even those who don't end up with a bariatric surgery. I tell them to write down everything they eat... no matter if you eat one bite of it or eat the whole item... then next to it write down the reason you are eating- is it breakfast time, lunch time, dinner time, feeling run down in the afternoon and need a pick me up? or are you upset, bored, lonely, stressed, etc.

Then work on finding options to replace the food during those times- the emotional eating. I think the key is to recognize the why before we can truly fix and correct it.

I have one situation in my life from my past that I always felt was a huge eating trigger for me... and that situation found itself back to me recently and I started eating again!! So now it is retraining my thoughts- is this really worth eating because of? will it change the situation if I eat my feelings? It is hard and it is a constant battle that the surgery cannot remove from us unfortunately! I wish you luck! And please feel free to comment here or on my other blog at anytime!!! Thanks for your post!

Emotional Eating
by: Anonymous

This is the hard part we have to deal with. I am one and half years out from my surgery and now I am working on the emotional part of me that still wants to over eat. It's really hard to understand why we over eat. What is the true drive behind emotional eating. This is where I am now.It is a love hate relationship with food and ourselves. Deep stuff and hard work is ahead of me at this point. I hope I am ready.

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