Sugar Cravings

by Deanna Petersen
(San Diego, CA)

Sugar Blues

Why am I having such cravings for chocolate and other intense surgery products when this was not an issue for me prior to the surgery (done 7/08)?

What can I do to control, eliminate, eradicate it ?? Help!

Poor balance in eating, a long time gap between meals, and under eating can lead to sugar cravings. Do any of these apply?

If you're unsure, try keeping a food journal for a few days to better assess your eating habits.

See my tips on how to stop sugar cravings plus a list of top 10 foods to satisfy sugar cravings.

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I'm Glad
by: Suzette

I'm Glad to Help! Keep us updated!

Sugar Blues
by: Anonymous

Your comments and suggestions are super. I will begin a food journal and am excited to learn about a product like Vitatops - they are even sold here on Coronado Island where I live.
Thank you very very much for your speedy and really helpful reply.

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