Sugar free Foods on the Lap-Band Diet

by Elena
(New York, NY)

I know that to lose weight sugar has to be avoided. But what about sugar free candies and cookies? Are those good choices (of course in moderate amounts)? Thank you.

Sugar free candies and cookies are fine to eat occasionally.

Every bite counts even MORE when you can only eat a small amount with the lap-band. So if you're getting full on sugar free candies and cookies, you may be missing out on the important nutrients you get from real, whole foods.

Makes sure your sugar free candies and cookies are low in calories too! Very often, sugar free foods are high in fat (in order to make up for the taste) which makes them high in calories.

When it comes to losing weight, calories matter.

Sugar doesn't necessarily need to be avoided completely, but it's usually found in excess amounts in the foods that aren't so good for us anyway!

Be sure to see the Recipes of the Week for quick easy desserts you can make yourself. New recipes added weekly!

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