Meet Bariatric Dietitian
Suzette Kroll, RD

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Nutritionist Suzette Kroll, RD, is a well-regarded expert in the nutrition field. She is a registered dietitian, certified intrinsic coach and specialist in surgical and nonsurgical weight loss.

Leading by example, Suzette is both motivational and inspirational. She works as a Bariatric Dietitian in Tucson, Arizona.

Suzette specializes in surgical weight loss and the bariatric diet.  She is the voice and the "techie" behind this website as well as Your Personal Nutrition Guide.

Suzette's advice has been seen in Seventeen Magazine, Mindful Mama Magazine, The American College of Sports Medicine Fitness Journal, Weight Watchers online, and on various cable and television stations, including the Food Network.

See her YouTube Channel: Personal Nutrition Guide

Suzette is best known for her personable style, quick wit, and ability to translate the latest scientific findings into advice about what to eat for dinner.

Her hobbies include yoga, weight training, writing, reading, and chocolate chip cookies. Not necessarily in that order.

And now a word from Suzette...

(drumroll please...)

Hi and thanks for checking out my website! I hope you enjoy reading the information I provide as much as I enjoy writing it.

My goal in writing this site is to share everything I have learned working as bariatric dietitian.  I'm a bariatric diet pro and I'll make you one too!

I love what I do and I hope my 30 years of experience and professional expertise will make your weight loss surgery journey easier.

Consider me "Your Personal Nutrition Guide." Ill help you master the bariatric diet so you can live the happiest, healthiest life you deserve!

Work with me virtually!

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Enjoy the website!

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