Tea? To drink or not???

by Sheila
(Columbus ohio)

I was told at my nutrition counseling that I (we) should not drink tea. Decaf or with caffeine. Everything I read on here and other sites don't say anything about that. The reason given was that it takes something away from the bones???? Do you know anything about this? I can give up the caffeine, but love a hot cup of tea at night.

There is no contraindication for drinking tea with gastric band weight loss surgery.

Green tea can be especially beneficial to include as it provides important antioxidants.

Remember not to doctor up your tea with sugar, honey, and or milk as these add calories, and liquid calories are not "filling" calories!

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by: Tom

I was told all beverages... hot or cold were ok except carbonated drinks.

I still drink tea... no problems... each doctor is different.

Tom, Toronto
Banded July 6 06

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