The Joys of a NEW Bandster!!! - Banded -July 14 2010.

by Mary Ellen Reinhardt
(Woodbridge, Va USA)


After prepping for the insurance approval since December 27th of 2009 (Thanks Cigna)I got my fat ass approved on June 11th (Surgery July 14th) I am glad it is done and I went through with it.

Do not let anyone tell you this is the EASY WAY OUT!

Initial Obesity Surgeon appointment (Dr. Anez Herndon, Va) *check!

Initial (monthly) internist appts for 6 month (Dr Al-Kateeb, Woodbridge, Va) *check

Nutritionist *check

Psyche evaluation *check

Letter of recommendation that surgery is needed *check

Produced work out logs (I heard this helps and it did - in the approval process) *check

Plethora of pre-surgical tests *check

Surgery *check

Feel like death *check

Feel much better *check

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Pretty eyes!
by: Golden Lover

Now comes the good are going to start losing so fast the first months, that you will be the happiest person in this world. Good luck in this new chapter of your life.
My best advise: DON'T FORGET TO JOIN A GYM AFTER YOU GET THE OKAY FROM YOUR DOCTOR. I joined mine after the first month (little more than a year ago), and let me tell you girl, that makes a big difference. I have a personal trainer, go to zumba, and more... Congrats!!!

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