Time Frame
Lap Band Surgery Approval

by Mary Ellen
(Woodbridge, Va)

Why does it take so long for some (Cigna) insurance companies to LET YOU get scheduled for LapBand surgery. Why can't it be right away?

Rest assured, you're in good company of others who are equally frustrated with the insurance approval process!

I really can't answer why it takes so long! It probably has to do with the number of approvals the insurance company is trying to process at one time and the amount of paperwork each one involves.

To help assure the process goes as smoothly as possibly, make sure you submit everything necessary.

(See more here about what to do if you get denied.)

There's no time like the present however, to get started with your new relationship with food and to start implementing the "golden rules" of lap band eating. You can even follow the pre-surgery diet for as long as 3 months as you await approval.

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