Tucson Weight Loss Surgery   Diet Pro: Suzette Kroll, RD

Surgeons Know Surgery, But Dietitians Know Food

If you live in Tucson, and are considering, or have undergone weight loss surgery…

…You need a good local bariatric dietitian!  

Having bariatric surgery is one thing. Overhauling your diet and staying on track with new healthy eating habits is another. I can help!

Considering Weight Loss Surgery?

Your insurance requirements likely include needing to meet with a registered dietitian before surgery.

You may need 1-12 visits preop depending on your insurance. I can help!

Your surgeon may ask you to lose weight before surgery. I can help!

Already Had Weight Loss Surgery?

If you’ve had weight loss surgery in Tucson and feel:

  • Unsure about what to eat
  • Lack of support
  • Like you’re figuring it out “on you own”


  • If you’ve fallen back into old habits
  • If your weight loss has stalled
  • If you’ve regained lost weight

I can help!

I'm Suzette Kroll, RD...
...Your Tucson Weight Loss Surgery Diet Pro

I’ve worked with a number of Tucson bariatric surgeons over the past decades. Most recently Dr. Matthew Weiner and Dr. Jeffrey Monash.

Having bariatric surgery doesn’t guarantee you’ll lose weight and keep it off. Bariatric surgery is simply a tool. 

I’m here to help you make the most of your weight loss surgery and help you get back to your life! 

I provide

  • Credible nutrition advice
  • Support and accountability
  • Menu ideas
  • Meal planning strategies
  • Vitamin recommendations

Consider me your Tucson weight loss surgery diet pro!

I’ll not only tell you what you need to do…

…I’ll show you how to do it!

Want to Work With Me?

I provide one-on-one nutrition counseling packages and am currently  working only via Zoom.

Contact me to set up your appointment.

I look forward to working with you!

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