by Kelly
(Virginia Beach, Virginia)

I am almost sixteen years old. I am 100 pounds overweight.

I have tried, what feels like, millions of diets. I have been looking into this option for a little while now. I have recently talked to my mom about this idea, and she is totally supportive. She is a RN at a local hospital.

She said she would check into this especially to see if our insurance will cover this. What do you think. Is this a bad idea? How effective will this be? How likely is is that insurance will cover this?

Weight loss surgery should be considered as a last resort only.

It's only a tool....it's no guarantee. Success is largely dependent on YOU and your dedication to following a healthy post surgery diet and regular exercise routine.

I think you'll likely have difficulty finding a surgeon who will operate on you before you're 18.

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Do your research first
by: Joanna

I hate it when people say, "You're too young" and yet you feel there is no other way out. However, I do have reservations about this surgery. As I have discovered, it ain't no easy option.

You still have to diet, cut out everything you love and more sometimes and have surgery on top of that with all the pain, wound problems, bleeding etc. And I had nothing out of the ordinary!

I thought it would be a slightly easier fix because I couldn't see another way out and I had done all my research..for years.

If you don't eat the smaller portions, the correct food - and by that I mean the textured food which will fill up your stomach and not any soft food - and do some exercise, the weight won't budge.

If you are willing to stick to a liquid diet for a couple of months and then introduce some soft food and eventually go onto the textured food to fill the pouch above the band e.g. small nugget sized piece of healthy meat, then the veg, then any carbs (that is if you can tolerate them without vomiting) then go for it.

I would recommend you try restricting your calories for a few months to see what it would feel like...and follow some of the recipes on here. And exercise - the one thing you probably have a great fear about, but necessary. If you can do this, try it for another couple of months. Or even just a couple of weeks at a time.

Don't go for surgery just now...but do something about it - it's all about taking responsibility for the choices you make in life. Hope this helps in some small way, even if it is just to know that other people understand. xx

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