Vicky's Journey!

by Vicky

Lapband surgery 7/5/2010...My nutritionist told me that the first 4 weeks (2 prior and 2 post) would be the worst 4 weeks of my life. I told her I didn't think that was possible! Not eating foods I have become addicted to would NOT be the worst weeks of my life...a death or injury to a family member would be, but food would definitely NOT be.

I made the decision to have banding done because I just cannot do this "dieting" thing on my own. My husband is adorable and loves me as I am...and we would have just continued to eat ourselves into the grave if I hadn't made this choice.

We own a small "mom and pop" cafe, so the temptation will be there. It will be great and I will fight through it all and have success, because I think my other option pretty much bites. I think the other options for me is death and I do not see that as an option at all.

Thinking about my life, I have lived my life to largely and eat often...honestly my husband and I would order 2 large pizza's and we would eat most of those and then the rest later that night before bed. I could literally sit down with a half-gallon of ice cream and eat the entire thing without even knowing it, realizing it was gone I was disappointed there wasn't more.

I'm looking forward to my new life, I turn 50 in January, 2010...It's about time to get my life back. I think blogging about this adventure will help keep me on track and in the loop with the rest of you. I appreciate all the comments and all the other bloggers, good luck to you all and good luck to me :) I'm excited to see where all of this leads.

starting weight 255
weight today 225
do I feel hungry today? nope :) still on full liquids after the surgery.

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