by Faye

I am 7 months post gastric band, have lost 22 kgs of a total goal of 35 kgs but in the last week have had terrible trouble keeping anything down.

If I bend over I get a mouthful. During the night I wake up choking on ?secretions.

I cannot tolerate even a small volume of a cup of tea on waking, and if I do take some tea, up it comes in the next half an hour.

I am going for review with my surgeon on Friday but am wondering if there is something I have done/am doing to contribute. Since this difficulty started I have stuck with mostly small volumes of soup or mashed texture in small volumes. Doesn't seem to have made much difference. Be interested in your reply/opinion.

It definitely sounds like your band is too tight!! Choking on liquids and your own saliva is always a good indication that you're too tight.

I hope your surgeon gave you a de-fill!

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