What to Eat the First Week After Lap-Band Surgery

by Larry
(Tucson, AZ)

What would you recommend eating the first week after Lap-Band surgery (liquid diet)?
And multi-vitamin recommendations?

In the first stage after weight loss surgery, you'll drink/eat only liquids.

Good Choices for Clear Liquids include:

Ice chips (try using a snow cone machine!)
Ice cubes
Sugar free, non-carbonated beverages (ex:Crystal Light®, Diet Snapple®, Sugar free Kool-Aid®, Diet Gatorade® etc.)
Herbal or decaf tea: hot or cold
Broth or boullion (vegetable, chicken or beef)
Sugar free Popsicles
Sugar free gelatin (may or may not be recommended by your surgeon at this stage)
Protein bullets
Nectar (fruit juice flavored protein powder)

Good Choices for Clear Liquids include:

Protein shakes
Skim milk/fat free milk
Soymilk, Almond milk, Rice milk
Lactaid® milk
Lowfat/lite yogurt
Sugar free pudding
Cream of wheat or cream of rice cereal
Reduced fat cream soups
Blenderized bean soups (such as lentil or split pea)

Don't forget you can blog on this website. Keep an online daily journal of your experience!!

As far as multivitamins go, I'd skip it the first week (unless you use a liquid form) and when you are back to eating regular foods, I'd add Vitaband, a multivitamin formulated specifically for Lap-Band patients.

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