Which Crackers Are Best with Gastric Lap-Band?

by Stephanie
(Charlotte, NC)

I have been eating crackers more often with my servings --like tuna on some wheat thins. I have a feeling that I will be eating crackers for the rest of my life since bread is not an option anymore. What cracker would you recommend the most? I love wheat thins but am wondering if there's something better for me.


Here are a few of my favorite crackers to recommend. They're not necessarily lower in calories than the Wheat Thins, but the quality of ingredients is better...less sugar, more "wholesome." If you decide to stick with Wheat Thins, I'd suggest getting the higher fiber, "Fiber Selects" Wheat Thins.

My favorites:

Mary's Gone Crackers

Ak-Mak 100% Whole Wheat Stone Ground Sesame Crackers

Health Valley Organic Whole Wheat Crackers

Also, if you have Whole Foods in your area, the generic Whole Foods brand of Baked Woven Wheats are a good choice. They taste good (like Triscuits) and the only ingredients are whole wheat and salt!

One final thought...

Rather than having crackers, consider including ever better quality carbohydrates with your meals. For example, mix white cannellini beans or garbanzo beans with tuna instead of having crackers. Or, roll tuna salad up in a lettuce leaf "wrapper" and eat with a piece of fruit on the side.

Thanks for writing! Keep us updated!

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