Why Can't I Lose Any More Weight??

by Margie
(Wickenburg, Arizona, USA)

Why and when will I lose weight? I lost 10 pounds after surgery and have had my first adjustment weeks ago of 3cc's and there has been no difference made. I am still hungry between meals and I am exercising regularly. I feel afraid that this isn't going to work for me and I want it to so badly.

Your story is a good reminder to all that the lap band is only a tool.

Consistency in eating the right foods, eating small portions, and (continuing to) exercise regularly will eventually make a difference.

I'd strongly suggest you keep a food journal so you can take a good hard look in black and white at what you're eating and drinking.

Take a look at the 10 Commandments of Bariatric Eating and re-commit to the basics.

Commit to a regular eating schedule and eat only at planned meal times.

You can do it!

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