I'm a Work at Home
Internet Entrepreneur

Hi, I'm Suzette. I'm a work at home, internet entrepreneur, and the bariatric dietitian who's the mastermind and "voice" behind this website. And boy, am I thankful! Why?

  • I get visitors like you.
  • I spend my time home, doing what I love - writing about weight loss surgery and nutrition.
  • My job's not at risk.
  • Oh, and did I mention...I work at home. :)

It's all possible because I have an passion for weight loss surgery and nutrition and I learned how to turn this knowledge into revenue. You can do the same with your own passion!

My story is a story of taking charge of my own destiny. A story of profiting from my own knowledge and creativity (instead of renting it to a boss).

It's a story of setting my own hours, defining my own goals, mining my own imagination and pursuing my own dreams. It's about worlds that I didn't even know existed opening themselves up to me.

It's a story of finding out what it takes to create and own my own businesses on the internet so that I can work at home...and finding out that what it involves is totally different from what I thought it involved.

(Hint: it doesn't involve tech knowledge. It does involve hard work. There is no Quick Work at Home, Get Rich method, and there shouldn't be!)

It's a story of the pride that comes from generating an income rather than just cashing a paycheck. I work at home online!

It's a story with two heroes: me, and a company called Solo Build It!

Yes, I know: most stories don't have two heroes, and companies aren't usually heroes either. But this company:

The Story

I've been a dietitian for 17 years. I've worked for hospitals, individual doctors, other dietitians, and a world renowned health spa. I love what I do and I love the co-workers and clients I've worked with over the years!

However, I also love my time off from work. I like to travel and like my time to myself. One day it hit me that work was getting in the way of play. Life it too short! It shouldn't be that way!

August 2006: I had an "a-ha!" moment.

I was playing the weekly lotto and thinking about what I was going to do, should I win $10 million the next morning. I realized that while a fancy car and a big pretty house would be great, all I really want is to own my own time.

I want to work at home.

I want to work because I want to work...

...not because I have to work.

I want to work at home.

I want to wake up when I want to wake up...

...I don't like being jolted from a deep sleep by a screeching alarm clock telling me I have to get up.

I want to work at home.

I want to eat lunch when I'm hungry, not when the boss "says" it's time to eat.

I want to work at home.

Sometimes I don't want to get out of my pajamas all day and sometimes I'd rather wear a baseball hat all day than have to wash my hair.

I want to work at home.

And of course, I want to travel when I want to travel...not when I'm "allowed" to have a week off.

I want to work at home.

Needless to say I didn't win the lottery the next day. But I still wanted to work at home.

However, I felt like a winner in another way because I had a new found determination to become my own boss and work from home.

In addition to being able to own my own time, I'd be able to express my creativity at will. I'd never again have to submit paperwork and wait for months on end for an idea of mine to be "approved" in order for it to come to fruition.

At this time in '06, I'd been living in AZ for about 4 years and began to miss where I'd lived in MI previous to my move. In my lottery fantasy, I thought about the "perfect life" being one in which I could split my time between AZ in the winter and MI in the summer.

Now I know people do this when they retire, but I was trying to figure out how I could make this happen before I turned 40!

And then it dawned on me.

I'll set up my private nutrition counseling practice online, so that I can work at home from AZ, MI, or anywhere else in the world.

I set out to have someone build me a website so I could conduct online nutrition counseling sessions. In the meantime, I continued to work at my full time job, bubbling with excitement as I waited for my master plan to unfold.

The website went live.

And it was really pretty.

And open for business.

But nobody came.

December 2006: I meet a boyfriend ... And you know what?...

...he had a website too. When I told him about my website, he started asking me questions like, "how much traffic do you get every day?" and "how many page views do you get per day/month?"

And you know what?...

...I had no idea what he was talking about.

What does "traffic" mean? and why is it important? and how would I know the statistics anyway?

He was speaking a foreign language as far as I was concerned.

He quickly taught me that I was the owner of an "untrafficked" website and I was no closer to having an online business and being able to work at home than I was 4 months previously. (But my website looked really pretty. Did I say that already?)

That was the bummer, but the good news was that he knew a lot of stuff I needed to know about the internet and he was happy to teach me.


"Traffic," is the number of people who visit a website everyday. Just like having "foot traffic" at a store in the mall is important for sales, a website that gets one hundred times the traffic can do one hundred times the sales.

I had to change my whole mistaken mindset. I had started off trying to sell my nutrition counseling services, without regard to how people were going to find me in the first place. "Build it and they will come" doesn't happen in cyberspace.

I had been completely oblivious to how the internet really works. It didn't matter what my website looked like necessarily. Nobody finds a site based on looks!

Think about this for a moment:

Why do you use the internet?

Most likely your answer will be "to find information about something."

How do you accomplish this?

You type in a search term using google, yahoo, msn, etc., press enter, and then you get a list of results (websites) back.

There are an estimated 100 million websites out there. Ever wonder how google, yahoo, or msn is able to determine which of 100 million sites will deliver you the best and most relevant information you're looking for?

Google doesn't send searchers to sites at random; it sends them for a reason. They don't place some sites atop the rankings and some sites at the bottom at random either.

They do it for a reason...and the sites that aren't at the top don't get found.

I started to understand: if you don't have a strategy for landing atop those rankings, forget it. You're better off buying lottery tickets. (And you already know my luck with those).

When your website ranks highly, people find it.

(You found me, right? It was no accident!)

And once they find it...

You have the opportunity to impart important information to others. And make money. And friends! And of course, work at home.

In summary

I'm a nutrition professional who specializes in weight loss surgery. I want to share my knowledge with others and "sell" my nutrition counseling services online.

In order to do this, people need to find me online.

In order to be found, I have to have a website that lands atop the rankings when someone is searching for weight loss surgery and nutrition/diet information.

So I spend my days working at home now, accomplishing this very thing.

How did I learn to do this, despite knowing NOTHING about computers or computer programming or website development?

I'll tell you in 3 letters:


"SBI" stands for Solo Build It.

Solo Build It is the web host I use, but hosting is only the tiniest fraction of the service they provide.

The heart of what SBI does is

  1. Show you how to build a very popular website, and
  2. Give you the tools (low-tech and no-tech!) with which to do it.

And here's the kicker: they do it for about the price you'd pay another company just for the web hosting.

Too good to be true? I promise it's not! There are a ton of successful sites using SBI.

Ready for a mind blowing statistic?...

Alexa is a service that estimates traffic for the more than 100 million sites and blogs on the web. In a recent survey...

62% of Solo Build It sites were in the top 3%. 35% of SBI sites were in the top 1%.

Why are SBI website owners so successful?

It's no trick! They succeed because they have a company with a proven formula showing them how to do the work.

Have YOU ever wanted to have your own website or work at home and become your own boss?

In order to do so, all you really need is to have an interest/passion about a particular topic. For me, it's nutrition.

If you think others can benefit from knowing what you know, you can actually make a living by sharing your knowledge online. A website can be about just about anything! (Scan this list of 500 successful SBI sites for proof.)

Here's a quick overview of the steps to writing a successful website:

Content Traffic Pre-Sell Monetize

Let me see if I can sum up the Solo Build It process in a different way...

  • Research your site concept. Figure out the search queries people use to find the information you're hoping to offer.
  • Write. (At home. Your boss probably wouldn't appreciate you building your own business from the office.) Create a page that "answers" each search query.
  • Build traffic. In addition to continuing to write pages, increase your site's visibility. (Example: persuade other sites to link to your site. Solo Build It actually automates this process.)
  • Target market your pages. Pepper your website with products and advertising particularized for each page's content.

Don't worry

If this seems confusing or too difficult to accomplish, SBI will walk you through and hold your hand every step of the way.

If I can do this (having no previous "tech" experience), you can certainly do it too!

Once you land atop the rankings and people start finding your website, you'll have the opportunity to make money. If you want to that is. (Maybe you just want to share your knowledge...and that's ok too!)

There aren't 100 million websites out there simply because people are eager to share their knowledge. Most websites have a greater purpose of making $$$.

How does a website make money?

A variety of ways. As for me, I sell:

But that's just the tip of the iceberg. Among other things:

  • On pages where you see "Ads by Google," I'm paid for every visitor's click.
  • I sell cookbooks and diet books.
  • I sell diet products and supplements that I can recommend wholeheartedly.

I also provide links to other sites where the products I recommend can be purchased. These websites track the visitors I send to them and keep track of purchases, on which I'm commissioned. I don't have to stock or ship a single product! This is called affiliate marketing.

Unlimited Opportunities

The truth is that I never know where my work at home website(s) are going to take me. (When your work at home business results in hundreds or thousands of people walking into your virtual storefront every day, opportunities present themselves all the time.) For instance...

Having my own website has given me professional exposure to a wider number of people and has increased my credibility. Opportunities I'd never have had (or thought of) have simply presented themselves to me:

I was contacted by a national food campaign and asked to be the local spokesperson (which I'm paid for). I've been approached by one literary agent and one publisher who are interested in having me write for them.

I can't wait to see what opportunities will present themselves next!

Back to my story

I deviated from my story, so let me get back to it here for a moment.

January 2007...1 month after being introduced to SBI, I had a much greater understanding of how I could work at home and make a living by sharing my knowledge online and I was ready to give it a try. I purchased my first SBI package. I got to work reading, learning and writing. I started my first website, Your Personal Nutrition Guide.

My ultimate goal was to build a private nutrition counseling practice and make enough online income that I could stop working full time and work at home.

My full time job and life in general took much of my attention around that time, and I only managed to squeeze in working on the site in very tiny increments.

At the end of March, I only had an average of 3 visits and 5 page views per day.

July 2007...I got married and was fortunate enough to be able to quit my job because we weren't dependent on my income. Now I could devote all of my energy to my work at home website (in between packing and moving and being a new bride of course).

I wrote like crazy when I could. August was probably the first month I took myself seriously and my efforts resulted in 14 visitors and 53 page views per day. By December, I was averaging almost 100 visits and over 200 page views per day. 6 months later I had 134 visitors over 400 page views per day. (As of this writing in May 2009 I average over 400 visits and over 800 page views per day and the numbers continue to grow daily).

I was on top of the world...building my own website and working at home. Life was great.

However, as with every story, mine is sprinkled with conflict and the main character (me) had to undergo some character growth. And if you only like happy endings, then stop reading right now.

Fast forward a year and things aren't going so great anymore. In fact, they're terrible. Really terrible. Dark personal times...very dark.

Impending divorce.

No "real" job

Beside facing the fact that my whole life was being turned upside down, I had to face the reality that I didn't have a "real" job anymore.

But who was I kidding? I didn't want to go back to working full time for anyone again. No thanks! I wanted to work at home.

I'd gotten used to doing so, and was happy being my own boss.

So what did I do?

I started a second SBI website:

Your Personal Lap-Band Guide

I knew I could work at home and make a living online and would never have to go back to being "employed" if I didn't want to.

One constant

Through all the turmoil and uncertainty of the previous year, one thing remained constant for me. My belief in myself and SBI.

In my darkest moments when all I wanted to do was crawl under a rock and die, I could always turn on my computer and find some joy in writing about nutrition and weight loss surgery.

I thank my lucky stars every day for having something I'm so passionate about.

I also thank my lucky stars for the fact that, thanks to SBI, I can actually make a living by sharing knowledge and passion with others.

It's a win-win situation.

I don't consider myself unique.

I think everyone has (at least) one thing he/she knows a lot about or is passionate about. Whether you know where to find the best beaches, how to knit, how to grow an organic garden, or how to brew your own beer, by utilizing SBI's method, you can turn your passion into an income too.

May 2009...As I write, the dust is settling.

I'm truly living the work from home dream now! I consider myself an internet entrepreneur (or internet "infopreneur").

I continue to build the heck out of both my websites, each month reaching new milestones in traffic and income. I also provide nutrition consulting services for 2 doctors and private clients because I want to.

I control my own time. Life is good. And I'm back on track to split my time between AZ and MI.

I still buy lottery tickets, but I won't change a thing when I win. Well...

...maybe I'll buy a nicer car. :)

Do I believe in Solo Build It?

I sure do. I wouldn't keep buying and building sites if I didn't. I believe in it even more when I go to work in my pajamas!

A Note About How Building an SBI Site Builds WEALTH

Most of us know what it's like to work for others. When the work stops, so does the pay.

Having money in the bank, of course, is different. The bank pays interest.

That's how money differs from wealth. Money changes hands. Wealth accumulates.

I've created wealth with my work at home websites. The writing I did last July '07 is still earning income for me today...and will continue to be earning for me tomorrow...and ten years from tomorrow.

At a "job," the work done in July '07 would be long forgotten and the pay, spent long ago.

Every page I post (and I've posted hundreds and hundreds) is a page that will continue to earn money for me in all my years to come.

Try to imagine how good that feels. I could stop working on any of my websites and they'd still be working for me.

THAT'S how wealth accumulates.

Want to accumulate some for yourself? For your family?

I can't recommend Solo Build It as a webhost highly enough. Once you've used it you can't fathom building a website any other way.

I want to be able to count on getting results for my efforts, rather than merely hoping for a positive outcome. In other words, I want a business, not a lottery ticket!

You may not have as much time to spare to work at home on your new website as I did in the beginning.

That's okay. Lots of great websites are written slowly, over time. You'll take comfort and have pride in knowing that your spare minutes are being spent building something for your - and your family's - future.

Imagine waking up each morning to see how much traffic - and income - your work at home website has generated while you sleep. That's what I do!

And plenty of others do the same thing. See these work from home SBIers with a story.

A Solo Build It site doesn't even need a product to make money

Many SBIers (including me) are essentially infopreneurs. As long as you're providing sought after information, income opportunities will follow.

Imagine using your spare time to simply work at home and build a web business on the side. Imagine growing that business to the point where you could quit your day job.

Imagine all the time you'd get back!

It can happen. But only if you get started!

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